Below is a list of local web developers who are registered with Blue Sky Net. Each business name is a clickable link to that respective developer’s website. You, as the BEAM program applicant, are encouraged to review the vendor websites in order to evaluate who might be best suited to meet your specific needs.


With respect to the web developers provided in this list, Blue Sky Net makes no warranty, expressed or implied, including the warranties of quality of product or service provided by these developers. Nor does Blue Sky Net assume any legal responsibility for the quality of product or service provided by said web developers. It is further understood and accepted that the requirements for a web developer to appear on this list, is limited to providing their contact information, and lacks any significant qualifying details that should be considered prior to contracting work to any web developer.


Vendors are reminded that this program is intended to assist Small and Medium sized Enterprises in our service delivery region. Web developer vendors may not use this program as an incentive to prospective clients. Vendors may not “discount” quotes with mention of BEAM funding being available. Nor, may vendors increase the cost of quotes because of BEAM funding. Due diligence will be undertaken in every application received by Blue Sky Net. Any applications proven to be completed by the vendor will be rejected. If clients have questions about the program they should be directed to Blue Sky Net directly.


If you're interested in applying to and becoming listed as a BEAM vendor, please complete and submit the application form:


BEAM Developer Application (Word)